Lit Connect’s mission is to connect readers, authors and industry professionals together through engaging social activities, fuel (Lit Fuel) a reader’s passion for reading and personal growth, and ignite (Lit Ignite) an author’s path towards reaching their audience with success.
While Lit Connect provides opportunities for all genres, our current service offerings are for authors in the genre of romance, and most sub-genres of romance.
  • Break down the barriers between the virtual and physical worlds.
  • Introduce readers to new authors and books.
  • Encourage more reading for all age groups, but specifically adult readers.
  • Provide quality services, and continue to add to our menu of the services available to authors of various genres.

Our Core Values

    • Value Teamwork

      The power of different strengths far outweighs one person’s.

    • Be Flexible

      Never be afraid to adapt to, embrace, and drive change.

    • Remain Passionate

      Never let the fire burn out of personal and business drive.

    • Be Adventurous

      Never be afraid to be open-minded, creative, fun, and try something new.

    • Be Innovative

      Never fail to pursue learning opportunities, research, and growth.

    • Strive for Excellence

      Learn from mistakes, move forward with a goal, and make changes to be the best you can you be.